Due Diligence

The IGS Due Diligence team specialises in inspecting and auditing the building services of existing and proposed buildings to identify the risks, shortfalls, capacities and capital upgrades for tenants, building owners and investors alike.

IGS provides full due diligence for:

  • Electrical Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Fire Services
  • Hydraulic Services
  • Vertical Transport
  • Security and Communications

Tenancy Fitout Due Diligence

The IGS Due Diligence team works with tenants to understand their building services requirements and functionality as it relates to accommodation that is being considered for occupation. Through our comprehensive due diligence inspection of the accommodation, we ensure that our clients are fully informed on the condition, capacities and operation of the existing building services supporting the accommodation being considered. The result is that our clients are fully informed before they make a lease commitment.

Investor and Developer Due Diligence

IGS understands the commercial risks investors and developers are exposed to when purchasing property, and aims to minimise exposure to unforeseen building services risk when making property purchases. Whether purchasing a property for investment or redevelopment the IGS Due Diligence team works with our clients to understand the commercial direction of the purchase and provides a comprehensive due diligence review of the properties building services infrastructure.

Asset Audit

The asset audit expertise of IGS provides the owners of the buildings and infrastructure with equipment condition reports, asset schedules and capital expenditure reports for the development of capital expenditure planning, routine maintenance schedules and depreciation.